John H. Chafee Memorial Lecture on Science and the Environment

The Chafee Memorial Lecture is dedicated in the memory of the Honorable Senator John H. Chafee who, in his 23 years representing Rhode Island in the U.S. Senate, was a leader in promoting a bipartisan, science-based approach to environmental issues.


Previous Lecturers

2018Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)
2017Governor Bill Ritter Jr., Former Governor Colorado (2007-2011)
2016Simran Sethi, Author, Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love
2015Amory Lovins, Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute
2014James Hansen, Earth Institute, Columbia University and Former Head, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
2013Jane Lubchenco, Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and Administrator, NOAA
2012Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway and Director-General, World Health Organization
2011Jean-Michel Cousteau, President, Chairman, Ocean Futures Society
2010James Gustave Speth, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Demos, New York City; Professor of Law, Vermont Law School; and Dean Emeritus, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
2009J. Craig Venter, Founder, Chairman, and President, J. Craig Venter Institute
2008John P. Holdren, Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University; Director, the Woods Hole Research Center
2007Larry Brilliant, Founder, Seva Foundation and Executive Director,
2006Ralph J. Cicerone, President, National Academy of Sciences
2005William D. Ruckelshaus, First and Fifth Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2004Jared M. Diamond, Pulitzer Prize Recipient, University of California, Los Angeles
2003Rita R. Colwell, Director, National Science Foundation
2001Edward O. Wilson, Pulitzer Prize Recipient, Harvard University
2000Sherwood Rowland, Nobel Laureate, University of California, Irvine
Mario Molina, Novel Laureate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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